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    Welcome to Machinery Row BicyclesWelcome to Machinery Row Bicycles


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    Madison's local bicycle shop since 2003.



    Machinery Row Bicycles is located in the historic Machinery Row building on Williamson Street and John Nolan Drive.

    Our extensive bicycle selection, collection of vintage artwork, and lakeside setting has made Machinery Row Bicycles a destination bike shop since we opened our doors in 2003.

    We carry full lines of mountain, road, cyclocross, electric, triathlon, gravel, and town bikes as Madison’s largest independent dealer of Trek Bikes and several other brands. 

    We're also dedicated to providing quality bicycle maintenance and bicycle fittings for every bike in our community.




    News and Events

    • In response to the growing concerns surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak we here at Machinery Row Bicycles will be enacting several changes to our staffing and methods of business in order to provide the safest possible environment for both our employees and customers alike.

    • First and foremost we consider ourselves an essential service in the transportation industry.  Many Madisonians rely on a bicycle as their main form of transportation and our service department provides much-needed repairs on our customers bicycles daily.  Going forward our service department and their ability to provide those necessary repairs will be our primary focus.

    • For those customers who have bicycles currently in for service or are interested in dropping a bicycle off, we will be offering curbside service for those that prefer not to enter the store.  Simply park in one of our spots and give the shop a call at 608-442-5974 and someone will come out to assist you. We will also attempt to coordinate home delivery of bicycles for bikes in for service and new bicycles as well.

    • We will be accepting a limited number of customers inside the store at one time and will do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs and function as a normal bike shop.  Please direct any questions including inquiries about new bicycles to luke@www.clicwebinar.com.
    • Bike-O-Rama prices are in effect until the end of April!
    • Don't worry if you missed Bike-O-Rama! All the prices from the event are still in effect until the end of April! Come in to Machinery Row Bicycles for the best sale prices of the season on all bicycles! Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you find the right bike!
    • Our fleet of Zipp rental wheels is now for sale! We have one pair each of Zipp 202's, 303's, 404's and 808's on sale! Please call for prices. One set of Continental Grand Prix 4000S tires and tubes are included and mounted at no additional charge. All warranties apply when purchased.
    • E-Bikes are in stock: Electric-assist Giant, Felt and Trek bicycles are in stock, and ready to ride. If you're looking for an efficient, fun way to pursue cycling and want the bike to help you out, e-bikes are definitely worth a try. Errands? Commuting? Joining in on longer rides? Our e-bike selection is top quality, and equipped with Shimano's STEPS, Bosch's Performance, or Yamaha's SyncDrive Sport mid-mount power-assist system. Come in for a test ride today!
    Machinery Row Bicycles is dedicated to offering the finest bicycles that have been assembled to the highest standards. We offer a lifetime free adjustment policy with every adult bicycle we sell. The buyer will also receive a coupon for a free 200 mile tune-up usable with each bicycle purchased.

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    • Trek Livestrong Madone

      Trek Livestrong Madone

      Regular Price: $17,000.00

      Special Price $8,500.00

      Your Savings: 50%

    • 2019 Felt Broam 40

      2019 Felt Broam 40

      Regular Price: $1,399.00

      Special Price $1,299.00

      Your Savings: 7%


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